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Welcome to OLT Automation Inc

OLT Automation is a full service OEM machine design and fabrication company.  We have been assisting our customers to develop unique custom state-of-the-art solutions for their automated requirements.

At OLT we work to provide our customers with solutions that will help increase producitivty and reduce costs.  You can rely on OLT to design and integrate your complete OEM system as well as modify and/or upgrade your existing machinery.

Our expertise involves providing a full line of custom designed systems such as:

Welding Systems

Single or multi gun spot and projection welding machines, water cooled welding fixtures, automated clamping, auto ejection and part presence/correction orientation detection.

Robotic Systems

Robotic cells equiped with welding or handling robots, and turntables with multiple stations with automatic unloading.

Automated Assembly Systems

Custom assembly lines and assembly machines equipped with various automated operation:, i.e. drilling, screwdriving, stacking/re-stacking, crimping, riveting, testing, vision,  and pack & place mechanisms to speed assemblies.